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Do you remember eating celery with peanut butter?  Or celery with Cheese Whiz?  Well, I do because those were birthday party favorites for kids and apparently I was a kid once.   You know, back in the day when people used to cut their own vegetables?     Just kidding, I know a lot of you cut vegetables.

So if you enjoy taking the knife to a nice piece of green celery, here is a twist on the old favorite.  That’s right, fill up that inviting groove with hummus and sprinkle it with some ground cumin.  The neat thing about this, is that you can change it to any kind of hummus.  There are so many varieties out there.  A beet hummus, spicy hummus, red pepper hummus, original and many more.  Use the one that suits you best or make your own at home.

Here’s a recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Hummus is made from chickpeas which are a great vegan protein source.  One cup of chickpeas has 15g of protein. This will be much less when using a tablespoon of hummus as a snack, but it’s still a great combination of VEG and protein for a mid morning or afternoon snack.

Don’t forget about the goodness of celery either.  I don’t count calories, but as a reference point, there are only 6 in an 8″ stalk, Celery has that awesome crunch and a whole lot of fiber to help move things along.   The cumin adds some nice flavour, but also helps with digestion and immunity.   It is also a good source of iron and manganese.

Treat yourself to this very easy snack and EAT MORE VEG!

Ground cumin (to taste)

Thanks for snacking with me.

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