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 by Oatawa

8 WEEKS will move you from feeling “blah” & “stuck in life” into OWNING YOUR SELF WORTH & FINDING YOUR INNER SHINE.

Join me on a SWEET journey to your SHINE!  We will work one-on-one to dig deep into your energy in order to shake it up and then shift it into your BRIGHTNESS.


To make these authentic changes in your life, we need to dig to the root of the issues, learn how to magically shift the direction in which we are headed and then move into NEW HEIGHTS!

If you want to: 

Shake up the old ways of thinking and the yucky patterns you find yourself in

Break free from the silly stories that hold us back from our true awesome potential

Shift the subconscious mind with beautiful healings and spiritual work that will bring on some incredible AHA! moments

Connect on a deeper level to your TRUTH. To what YOU are here to do in THIS LIFETIME.

Take the steps that get YOU on the path you were meant to be taking – whether it’s in your career, in your health/fitness, in a dream you want to manifest or perhaps it’s about finding your voice for the first time

…then this is your time to shine!

If you are ready to choose YOU, and have been looking for something to launch you into what you know in your heart is needed, this is it!

Below you will find the DIVINE OUTLINE of the journey to your SHINE.

Shake It Up, Shift It & SHINE! includes:

Week 1: Karmic Core Pattern Reading –  Learn what your subconscious mind has been up to and why you are always stuck in the same patterns that keep you feeling “blah”

Week 2: Dig further into what came up during Week 1 with the ongoing support from Michelle GB

Week 3: Energy healing session with additional spiritual guidance by Michelle GB. 

Week 4: Integration Session – To further release the boundaries that prevent you from moving forward in your life.

Week 5: Beautiful healing session & additional exercises to further shift THAT ENERGY.

Week 6: Shift It, Shake It and SHINE meditation.

Week 7: Reiki Session & additional exercises to further release boundaries you are holding onto.

Week 8: Oracle Reading to check in with your guides and fully activate the SHINE within.

Includes: Support through voicemail and messenger throughout the entire 8 weeks! Up to 20 messages a week.

Bonus: Two Meditations to continue the incredible subconscious shifts as you SHINE!

Connect with me for a free chat to discuss how you too can SHAKE up your subconscious, SHIFT it into new possibilities and then activate your SHINE!  Reach me by email me at

Lots of LOVE. I look forward to hearing from you!

Michelle GB

In these trying times, we are all being pushed to spend time in isolation.  With that solitude (or chaos) will come a lot of self reflection.  What am I doing with my life? Am I living the live I imagined?  Things are being stirred up individually and globally. We are all needing to tune into what is no longer serving us and consciously take a new step.  A step into that direction our hearts have been longing for. I love a good awakening. Usually it comes from a shitty/crappy experience.  Upon self reflection comes a new day, a new vision, a new idea.  If you feel that you are stuck, “blah” or “meh” about life, but you KNOW there is more to be, explore and give back, reach out to me so we can chat about what your spirit truly DESIRES and NEEDS!

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