Reiki Treatments


Single Reiki Session

Receive a beautiful in person or long distance Reiki Session by Michelle GB.   This includes the healing energy and messages from spirit.  Reiki is a hands on healing technique where the healer connects the person receiving the healing with Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words.  Rei means God’s wisdom or Higher Power and Ki means Life Force Energy. When Reiki is performed on someone, the energy enters the body and goes to where the person needs it the most. The practitioner enters a meditative state and connects the energy from the Highest Power to the person receiving the energy.

Insight and wisdom will come through from your guides taking you through the seven major chakras. These messages will be recorded so you can continue listening to further your healing journey.  The more you listen, the more shifts you will experience!

Please contact me if you are ready for this loving healing energy!

In Person Energy Exchange: $133.00

Long Distance Energy Exchange: $97.00

Intensive Reiki Treatments For Chronic Illness/Disease

Are you suffering from an illness and don’t know where to turn?  Have you been dealing with pain and rough symptoms and feel confused as to why this is happening?

Have Michelle GB tune into your energy field (aura) and bring the flow of universal energy to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This is a compact offering of 3, 6 or 9 days in a row of 30 minutes of Shamanic Reiki done from a distance.

Each Reiki session will bring us deeper into the spiritual connection to the illness/disease and we will work to clear the blocked spiritual energy related to the illness.  Blocked energy could be rooted from emotional trauma from the past, it could be from old ways of thinking that are no longer serving you or it could be years of stress built up that was never given the chance to be relieved.

As I get connected to you, messages will come through from your spirit guides and guardian angels. These messages will guide me to the extra work that you will need to do. Prayers, meditations and other exercises will be given for further energy shifting.  These will help launch you further into deep awakening and healing.

 The Process:

Choose 3, 6 or 9 days in a row.

Each evening, I will tune into your Energy Field and provide a 30 minute Reiki session (from a distance).  I do it from my home to yours.

What you do during the sessions:

You do not need to do anything specific, but most clients like to relax or lay down at the same time.


Lying Down: Either lie with your hands by your sides, palms up, or hands on your chest, palms down.

Sitting Down (bed or floor): Put your hands on your knees, palms up.

 What happens after the sessions?

I will send you a voice message with my notes from each session and will include exercises to be done. 

The package includes access to leaving and receiving messages from Michelle GB though WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or iPhone messenger.  This is an excellent way to leave your questions as you go through the process and I will answer your questions within 24 hours as they come up.

What to expect:

You may or may not feel anything during the Reiki sessions.  Some feel tingling, warmth, energy movement, calmness and other things not described.

By the end of the 3, 6 or 9 sessions, with the combined Reiki and exercises, you will feel lighter energetically, more focused and tuned in to the purpose of your illness or a feeling of stress dissipating.  Many energetic outcomes are possible and being open minded is the best way to dive into this beautiful energy shifting.

I invite you to a free chat with me to discuss this offering and how it can help you or someone you know! You can reach me at michelle@michellegb.com.

9 Days – Energy Exchange: $688

Includes 9 Reiki Sessions and Messages from your Spirit Guides

6 Days – Energy Exchange: $488

Includes 6 Reiki Sessions and Messages from your Spirit Guides

 3 Days – Energy Exchange: $244

Includes 3 Reiki Sessions and Messages from your Spirit Guides

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