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What Is Light Weaving?

Light Weaving is an incredible spiritual practice technique that connects us to the ethers (energetic systems all around us and of the universe).

One of my goals is to help people tune into their inner wisdom through mindfulness and meditation practices and this one helps you get their quickly. It involves standing up and practicing a routine of visualizing and hand gestures (taught to you when you receive the attunement) so you can quickly tune into your spirit guides, guardian angels and beloved masters (the aspects helping you from the spiritual world).


Why Light Weave? 

  • To clear blocked energy – physical, emotional or mental
  • To open your intuition to receive insight into personal situations (not to be done on others)
  • To bring your system into a harmonized state of peace to benefit yourself and the entire planet
  • To bring you into a meditative state
  • To bring an increased awareness to patterns that keep us stuck
  • To create a deeper and more open communication with the divine
  • You can Light Weave on a specific situation to bring insight, and then to clear blocked energy related to that situation.


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Regular Cost: $250

Current Price Until December 31st, 2020: $175



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