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Shift your energy at the cellular level!

These powerful meditations are short and mighty. When we repeat new thoughts and ideas enough times, we start to believe them. The energy at the cellular level starts to morph and shift into a different vibration and frequency, leading you to make new decisions and take different action. Find the one that matches what you are going through and notice how your awareness shifts!

My Story

Energy, Spirit & Soul Coach – Manifest The Life You Desire!

About Me

Michelle GB is an Energy, Spirit & Soul Coach helping women tune into their inner wisdom and to manifest their deepest desires. She works with those ready to shift out of their OLD ways of thinking while inviting new limitless thoughts, expressions and actions to the surface. Her intuitive coaching and readings allow her to connect with the client’s energy, spirit guides and Akashic Records to provide messages from the energy realms. With her work, she brings along a background as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Enthusiast & Speaker and sees the importance of self-care, SELF-LOVE and to always follow THAT INNER SPARK. When we spend time doing what we love, it only brings more of the same!


My Music Mood!

As a dancer, I love Music. MUSIC MOVES me. It moves me in and out of moods and helps me release built-up tension. Whenever I’m in a funk, I put a song on I’m feeling called to and – BANG my inner SPARK has been LIT . This is my current MUSIC MOOD.  Consider it a sign from the universe!

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