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Michelle lives on an acreage with her husband Jesse and three children near Collingwood, Ontario. When she was just 13, her mom started teaching her all about the HEALING ARTS, including all the MAGIC this DIVINE WORLD has to offer.
Being raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) with three awesome sisters and by two parents who grew up on farms – the natural world of holistic health has always compelled her. With a background in HIP HOP dancing/choreography, competitive GYMNASTICS and SOCCER, she understands the importance of fitness. Michelle also received a diploma in Holistic Nutrition while simultaneously diving into the many aspects of mindfulness. This led her to the work she does today with ENERGY HEALING.
We all have so much power to tune into our inner wisdom, intuition and GODDESS abilities and Michelle wants to spread the love of these tools and techniques with the world. She believes that the more people who understand their own energy and how to MANIFEST through love and light, the more the collective consciousness ELEVATES! Her current mission is to help shift the consciousness on this planet, leading to a healthier society and earth for our children to come!


Light Weaving Practitioner
Karmic Core Pattern Readings Practitioner
Reiki Teacher/Master
Shamanic Reiki
Yoga Nidra Practitioner
Chakra Healing/Balancing
Energy, Spirit & Intuitive Coach
Divine Manifester
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Freelance Health Public Speaker
10 years practicing Kriya (Breathing techniques/Meditation)
Hip Hop Dancer, Choreographer, Performer & Instructor
Miss Fitness Competitor
Competitive Gymnast/Gymnastics Coach


Light Weaving Practitioner – Ananda Shakti
Yoga Nidra Practitioner – Ananda Shakti
Karmic Readings Practitioner’s Training – Ananda Shakti
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) – Dr. Yvonne Oswald
Reiki I, II, III – Jayaleigh Connects
Registered Holistic Nutritionist Diploma – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Personal Training Certificate – CANFIT Pro
Level One Coaching Certification – Sport Manitoba
Business Administration Program: Marketing Major – Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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