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To celebrate my mom’s birthday, I had a bowl of peas. She would have been 66 yesterday. Whenever she was trying to lose weight, she would either fast on cabbage soup or eat peas for dinner for three days. It was such a simple thing, but it’s something I do to this day.

I’m always working towards my fitness and health goals and the light dinners can be very effective for weight loss and weight maintenance.

I aim to balance wanting to enjoy myself and being disciplined. Sometimes (many times), the wanting to enjoy myself wins. In those moments, I picture myself 80, looking back at my 37 year old self. My 80 year old self is usually saying: “Ah f@*k it. Drink the damn wine.”

I tend to notice the most success in weight loss or maintenance when I consistently have light dinners.

An example of a light dinner is, you guessed it. Peas.

Peas are INCREDIBLE. They are packed with protein (10g per cup) and fiber (also 10g per cup). They help regulate blood sugar, are anti-inflammatory and are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are considered a legume, but are often sold as a vegetable. They are delicious, sweet, starchy, filling and light all at the same time. More on Peas here.

Umm, that is magical.

All around, they make a great meal on their own and they are REAL food…plants!

I wish more restaurants would offer peas for kids. I would always have peas brought out for my kids to eat first – before anything fried. (My 3 year old son LOVES French fries and they seem to come with every kids meal, in every restaurant, and he knows it.)

In this pic, there is also steamed cauliflower and fresh Parmesan. A little butter and sea salt never hurt anyone either. (Well, don’t examine that last sentence too much as I’m sure I could be proven wrong from certain researched angles).

When you’re rushed for time and you don’t know what to give yourself or kids while keeping it healthy, grab the bag of frozen peas from your freezer and boil that water.

Alternatively, and better, go to the farmer’s market and grab some while they are in season. In those cases, you may find yourself eating them raw from the pod. That in itself, is something to celebrate.

Mom, you and peas go hand in hand. I miss you, your peas and watching Pretty Woman for the bajillionth time (with you). Happy Birthday.

EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily, and don’t forget to BREATHE.

Michelle GB

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