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Ok, so I realize I took a small hiatus from blogging, but it was only because of the wedding.  That`s my excuse anyway.  Jesse and I got hitched August 14, 2010.

It was an extremely hectic month leading up to the wedding and an extremely needed rest post wedding.   It took a while for me to wind down and build up motivation again.  So here I am, here to chat about something.


What is that something I’m writing about?  Well, since the most exciting thing that happened in the last couple months was the “big day”, that’s what I will discuss, along with a mention of food, motivation issues and improving my focus.

The big day was a success!  Here are a few of the faves:

Best part for me:  The ceremony was so beautiful and relaxed.  Jesse and I put a little humour into it which lightened the mood. The comedy:  Jesse vowed to be with me “til death to us part, etc, and even when I don’t take out the recycling”, because I never take out the recycling!!  It was great!   Then, I had to vow to be Jesse’s wife, “even on every Sunday during NFL season”.  Loved this!

Best part for Jesse: All of it. He had the time of his life.  It’s really cute because in every picture of him, he’s got the biggest and cutest smile on his face.  I do love him very much and I can’t believe he is now my husband.

Best part for the guests:  The food. I have heard everyone ranting and raving about the food. I am ecstatic about this since you know I am all about food!

Who catered you ask?  Well, if you are familiar with organic, local and fresh food, then you may have heard of the “Magic Oven”.  They are known for their awesome pizza where you can get whole wheat flour, spelt flour or rice flour pizza crusts which cater to those with allergies and sensitivities.  We all know I avoid wheat most of the time so this pizza place is a God sent. It’s only in Toronto so if you don’t live here, well sorry about your luck.

About 4 months before the wedding, I met Tony, the owner of the Magic Oven.  I had originally thought a pizza wedding would have been a great idea.  I mean, I wanted to have a casual celebration and to me, pizza = casual.   Well, Jesse wasn’t into that idea, although I still beg to differ.  I’m glad he convinced me otherwise because it turns out the Magic Oven also has a catering section which is fantastic! So what did the Magic Oven cater at the Bagelman wedding???  It was food I’ve never seen at a reception before.   I would suggest anyone having a wedding to use them!  Seriously.  It was so delicious.

The Menu:
– Butter chicken (the best part)
– Dilled salmon fillets (very close to being the best part)
– Vegan tofu & spinach stew (excellent)
– Chick pea salad (delicious and healthy)
– Mixed green salad (healthy and very tasty)
– Colorful fresh roasted vegetables & roasted potatoes (one look at this mix and you just KNOW it’s filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients that will make your cells smile)
– Basmati rice (an excellent co-pilot to the butter chicken OR salmon)
– Bread (well, so good if you eat that sort of thing)
– Coffee and Tea (always a nice touch at any event)
– Wheat free and gluten free dessert trays (nothing to say here, except – the desserts provide a reaction similar to that of an orgasim)




Just after we got hitched walking down the aisle!




Omigosh, my mouth is watering as I look at this picture.

If you are thinking about having the Magic Oven cater your event, you’ll be happy to hear that Tony and his wife Abby were so easy to work with.  For more information, click here: The Magic Oven.

I want to take a second to thank everyone who travelled to Toronto and to anyone who helped out during the week prior to/and on August 14th.  You know who you are and big hugs and kisses all around!

Since summer is Jesse’s busy season, we weren’t sure if we were going to get to go on a honeymoon.  On the Tuesday after, we somehow made it happen and took off to Blue Mountain to stay in the village for a few nights.  You may know that Blue Mountain is known as a ski resort. Well, it turns out they offer quite a “get away” in the summer too.  We went horseback riding (relaxing), zip lining (very fun) and had a couple’s massage (an interesting experience).  We also ate a ton of food and drank a lot (of alcohol).  It was so nice to be away and enjoy each other’s company after the craziness.

To continue on the theme of the title of this entry, it has been quite difficult to get myself motivated and into business mode since the wedding.  All I’ve wanted to do lately is watch movies, make food (or let’s be honest, order takeout) and sleep.  Well, I had to kick myself into gear and I’ll tell you that it happened after a gluttenous labour day weekend at “the land” where we camp whenever possible.  If you don’t already know about “the land”, then too bad. I’ll tell you some other time. 😉

So I was kicked into gear because I felt so gross from drinking and eating whatever I wanted since the wedding.  I was so disciplined before the wedding so because of this, it’s almost like I thought I deserved to eat anything and everything after the wedding.  So after the long weekend I decided to commit to 34 consecutive days of yoga to bring some consistent physical activity back into my life. This and eating clean are back on the agenda! I AM heading up north again for a highly deserved girl’s weekend at “the land” and I know I will not do yoga or eat as good as I’d like.  This means that my 34 consecutive days of yoga will technically be 34 consecutive days with a 2 day break in between.  I’m ok with this because sometimes life throws you a “girl’s weekend” and who wants to miss that?

So this brings me to the last, but not least: Focus.

I am now thinking about the direction I want to take You Decide Your Health (YDYH) and I’m trying to focus my focus.  I am committing to blogging, offering nutritional challenges, providing tips on things I care about and offering my consulting services. This is the basic idea, but I seem to come up with a new business idea every day.  I need focus.

I also hope to get my personal training certificate and am now thinking it would be lovely to complete a yoga teaching certification. See what I mean?  I need focus.

So now that you have my update, what tactics do you use to re-motivate or re-focus yourself?  I might use one.

Talk soon,

Michelle Gompf Bagelman

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