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Pic by Nikki Zalewski

This is a simple 5 minute meditation that brings the white light of healing energy into your body and creates an energy shift that brings you to a more calm, peaceful and relaxed state.

Sit on the floor or on a chair.  If you are on a chair, please ensure your feet are on the ground and your back is nice and straight.

Start by grounding and connecting yourself with your arms at heart centre.  You can find an example of grounding here.

Take three deep breaths. Now place your hands on your knees with the palms up.

Imagine a waterfall of healing light coming from the universe and flowing into the top of your head (your crown chakra).

Take your time focusing on the white light filling the void (spaces between your cells, tissues, muscles and organs) as it flows into your head, down your neck, into your shoulders and chest.

Slow the flow down as the energy and healing moves down your arms, chest and back.  As it moves through, it grabs any negativity and grey/black spots (which represent stuck energy) that doesn’t belong in your body and moves it down toward your feet.  As the healing light takes over, it is pushing out anything that is no longer serving you.

Move the waterfall of light around and through your core.  Allow it to take a journey through your major organs – the heart, the lungs, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, appendix and intestines.  The healing light is so powerful as it travels throughout your body.  The loving healing energy that you are guiding through your body has more strength than the stress, anxiety and negativity that gets stuck in your being.

The spots that hold onto the stress, anxiety and negativity are weak. They can’t hold on anymore.  Allow the light to take over and push it through.

Visualize the light moving through your pelvis, hips, genitalia, base of the spine.  Focus on the light taking a journey down your quads, thighs, hamstrings. Into your knees, swirl it around your knees taking anything that does not belong.

The healing energy from the universe flows down your shins, your calves and finally into your feet.  Take some extra time here to gather all the negativity, grey/black, stress and anxiety and wrap it with more light as it sits in your feet.  Cover it up. Do not let it expose itself.  Bring more strength from the waterfall of light into this area.  You may imagine a ball of light in each foot that needs to be removed from your body.

Envision a vacuum of sorts coming to the bottom of your feet.  Turn the vacuum on and imagine the strong sucking feeling as it pulls the balls of light out of your body.  These balls of light encompass all that is no longer serving you.  Focus on the fact that the balls of light have been taken to the centre of the earth, to the “Fire of Life” to be burned.

Once you feel the negativity/stress/anxiety have been successfully removed, please take a moment to focus on the top of your head once again.

One last time, see the waterfall of healing white light flowing down from the universe into the top of your head (the crown chakra).  Repeat the vision of the energy flowing through your head, face, neck, shoulders back, chest, arms, major organs, core, digestive system, pelvis, hips, genitalia, base of spine, quads, thighs, hamstrings, knees, calves, shins and then the feet.

Once you feel satisfied that the flow has reached all the spots of your body, please take a moment to take 3 more deep breaths.  Stay here as long as you need.  You may want to enjoy the moment and allow your mind to stay quiet for longer.  If that is the case, please enjoy!

Remember to EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily and BREATHE deeply whenever you need.

Michelle GB

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