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So, I was thinking today – surprise – I know, it’s hard to believe.  But as I was thinking, I was also writing an email to a friend of mine, we’ll call her Kelly, who has just recently made some changes with her eating habits, when I discovered another one of my passions in the “being healthy” world – which I will get to in a minute.
healthy lifestyle fitness sporty woman running early in the morning in forest area fitness healthy lifestyle concept

healthy lifestyle fitness sporty woman running early in the morning in forest area fitness healthy lifestyle concept

Kelly is one of those people who knows how to be healthy. She is physically fit, she plays basketball, rides her bike everywhere, works out, etc.   She knows what it means to be healthy: exercise and eating right,  but I just recently observed her go from “knowing”… to “living” the healthy lifestyle.  She has been slowly changing a few things, removing alchohol, removing processed food, adding healthier options, and now cooking up a storm of good clean foods.

She has always known the difference between processed crap and healthy, from the earth, good for you, type food.  But this change has been obvious.  She KNEW before, but now she GETS it.

I mean most of us do know right?  We all know it’s smarter to eat a salad than a poutine.

We all know, but do we GET IT?  How do we move from the “KNOW” to the “I GET IT”?

This passion I discovered, as mentioned in the beginning, is the “in between” part.  The moment in time, or over time where our thinking transforms from the “KNOW” to the “I GET IT” so much that we no longer just “KNOW” what it means to be healthy, we “GET IT” and because we “GET IT”, we can keep our healthy habits ahead of the game.  Being ahead of the game represents the ability to indulge a little, to GET that it’s ok to indulge, and then easily slide back into healthy eating habits – because we “GET IT”.

What is this moment in time?  Or moment over time?  Well, I’m not ready to explain it scientifically or anything, but I can tell you what it starts with…

It starts with paying attention to your body when you make small changes.  It’s realizing how good you can feel when you eat well and how bad you feel when you eat like crap.  When you observe your own body enough to notice the changes, you start to realize that you actually DO NOT want to feel like crap, tired, unfocused, scattered, gross, bloated, etc, and because you DO NOT want to feel like crap, you make better choices. You might then find yourself in the middle of that “moment in time” or “moment over time” where your mind is telling you to avoid those foods more frequently.

You will soon find yourself distanced from the “KNOW” how to be healthy mode and dangling in the “I GET IT” mode.  And after that, you will realize there was a “moment in time” or a “moment over time” where the change happened and it’s because you just feel good and you want to keep it that way.

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