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Do you ever want to just scream?  Do you ever feel…

  • the stress building up in your chest
  • your upper back feels like it needs a major rub-down, and
  • you have no idea how you’re going to get through your day because it’s only 8AM.

Learn this amazing breathing tool and apply it to every stressful moment you come across.  I promise you, in a few minutes, you will feel so much better. You will notice your shoulders drop, your mind calm down and you may even get the chance to enjoy what’s actually happening around you. That’s right. Your life.

The 4-4-4 Breath

  • Take 4 seconds to INHALE (through your nose)
  • HOLD your inhale at the top for 4 seconds
  • Take 4 seconds to EXHALE (through your mouth)

Look, doing this breath exercise just FOUR times will bring you some peace, so here is the challenge for you.

The Challenge

  • I challenge you to do this TWICE a day FOUR times through and any other time you feel stressed. Here are some examples of possible stressful scenarios:
    • Stuck in traffic
    • Getting your kids dressed in the morning
    • Cooking dinner
    • Craving sugar/processed foods
    • Looking at your finances
    • Late for work
    • A household flood
    • Lose your wallet or phone
    • Get splashed by a big truck going through a massive puddle and ruins your new outfit (jerk)
    • Hungry and you won’t be eating for a bit for whatever reason (HANGRY)
    • Your kid/spouse/dog is sick
    • Not getting along with a colleague

The 4-7-8 Breath – For ADVANCED Breathers

Once you feel like you’ve mastered the 4-4-4 Breath.  Try to extend the HOLD and the EXHALE. This trains your lungs to go deeper.  Dr. Weil teaches how to do the 4-7-8 BREATH in this video.


Why Breathwork Matters – by Dr. Weil

Watch this video by Dr. Weil as he explains why Breathwork matters.  Breathing is such a simple thing we can do to battle anxiety and stress.  He tells us that there really should be more medical research done on the incredible affects of using this breathing technique.

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