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A friend of mine has three daughters and a couple of them have pretty strong allergies to the typical allergens we find ourselves dealing with these days.  Gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.  Well, that sounds like a fun cupcake…

Taste-free since 93′ as my hubby would say.

Well, I was up for the challenge.  Believe me, trying to make a cupcake recipe from scratch is not easy.  Where does one start?  I’ll tell you, you start with a cupcake recipe.   I always rave about Caroline Dupont, author of Enlightened Eating.  She has taught me a lot about healthy eating and how to cook/bake food using simple holistic ingredients.  This Tasty allergen-free cupcake recipe was born and then adapted from one of her recipes.

Easy to Make Tasty Allergen-free Mini Cupcake Recipe



The only thing about the ones I made is that I used no name brand chocolate chips which included milk ingredients.  You can buy soy and dairy free chocolate chips, but I’ll admit, I’ve never tried them so if you have, your feedback on them is welcome.

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