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I’m on vacation with my husband and our three kids.  I rock because who does that?  Seriously, who brings three kids to Mexico for a wedding without any help?  We do.  And then we spend a fortune on babysitting provided by the resort so we can enjoy some time away from the kids.  Yes, we rock. We are about $800 less rich, but at least we got to hold hands and kiss and help each other workout at the resort fitness club without our kids begging for a snack every five minutes.


Ok, that didn’t happen.  That last part definitely did not happen because my man and I CANNOT workout together. We’ve never been able to.  I don’t like to be told what to do (at least not from him) and neither does he (at least not from me).

Don’t tell me YOU would be a “good resource” for ME for resistance band training. No. Do not go there. Did you not read my resume? Haven’t you been with me for 11 years?  Don’t you think I would KNOW how to workout with a resistant band?

My EGO definitely got in the way.  Hellllloooooo, I’ve done this and that and this and that, ummm, don’t you know I’ve been physically active my entire life???  I mean, I KNOW fitness.

Wow. That was an intense fight. Yep. After I said this.  “Do you think I wouldn’t know how to use a resistance band?”  I can’t even remember where the fight went, but it went somewhere I didn’t enjoy (side note: a yelling fight of who could yell the loudest and that’s it – nothing nasty here people).  You know those fights where your blood is boiling and you feel like, hmmm, where are the divorce papers?  I’ll sign them now.

Ok, I actually wouldn’t, but it felt so much like I can’t stand you right now and this is the stupidest fight I’ve ever seen and heard and I need some space right now. 

What was that about?   I will tell you.  It was this:


I was seriously insulted that he would say that HE would make a good resource for ME when it comes to resistance band training.  Umm… Does he not take me seriously at all?

Ok, so then the next day I brought the infamous resistance band to the fitness centre. Then, I wanted to do an exercise for …  Guess what, I had to look up some ideas on my phone.

Turns out, I don’t actually have a lot of exercises up my sleeve using that stupid thing.  grrrrrrr.  And GAWD, did I not want to admit it.   My partner has also been active his whole life and in the last year has taken working out at the gym to a whole new level.  He has learned quite a bit recently so I’ll give him that.  Just don’t tell him I said that.

After I took a few deep breaths and realized it was my EGO. I knew this was a lesson I had to learn so I could write about it.  I’m promoting breathing deep and anything related to mindfulness and I’m always aiming for self improvement so I better “walk the walk” here.  I believe if we can be aware of when our EGO is doing most of the talking, then we can learn to keep it in check.   This resistant band thing sure gave me some practice with that.

The EGO can be great for helping us achieve goals, pushing us further in life and can make us feel really good, but it can get in the way of being connected to our true self.  This quote is good right now.

“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge.”  – Deepak Chopra

At the fitness centre, I told myself I had to manage my EGO so I MADE myself say to Jesse, “Ok “Resource Person”, what is another shoulder exercise to do with this thing?”  Notice how that was a bit undermined?  I couldn’t let him have the entiiiire moment. LOL.  He rolled his eyes and smiled and I held my tongue and listened and watched him explain a great shoulder exercise.

Me And Said Resistance Band

He later apologized because he realized how condescending it may have sounded, but it’s me who had control over how I reacted.   We all have control over the way we react to things.  We don’t have control over someone else’s actions.  My saying, “umm do you think I don’t know how to use a resistance band?” hit his EGO as well.  We both laughed about it later, but boy was my blood boiling at the time.

I know this post was about our EGOs and trying to breathe through a situation so you can learn from it, but I think it’s a good idea to also leave you on a SWEAT note. Please check out this awesome resistance band workout you can do at home or while you are on the road.  Don’t resist it folks.  Look beyond your EGO and SWEAT it out.


Michelle GB

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