Reiki Treatment

Receive a beautiful in person or long distance Reiki Session by Michelle GB.   This combination includes the healing energy and messages from spirit.  Reiki is a hands on healing technique where the healer connects the person receiving the healing with Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words.  Rei means God’s wisdom or Higher Power and Ki means Life Force Energy. When Reiki is performed on someone, the energy enters the body and goes to where the person needs it the most. The practitioner enters a meditative state and connects the energy from the Highest Power to the person receiving the energy.


Insight and wisdom will come through from your guides taking you through the seven major chakras. These messages will be recorded so you can continue listening to further your healing journey.  The more you listen, the more shifts you will experience!

Please contact me if you are ready for this loving healing energy!

In Person Energy Exchange: $133.00

Long Distance Energy Exchange: $97.00


If you would like to receive an attunement to learn Reiki yourself, please check out

Reiki II

Once you have received your Reiki I and are ready to move forward with your abilities, Reiki II will strengthen your healing powers, increase your connection to the spiritual realm and deepen your intuition.

You will learn how to connect to the healing by using three powerful Reiki symbols. 

We will explore additional hand positions while working with clients and you will learn how to do Reiki from a distance.

In the past, it was suggested that people wait a year or two in between each Reiki level, but due to our planet needing all the healing possible, many of us are being called to move through the Reiki levels quicker so that we can pass on the healing to more people.  

We all have the ability to connect to our healing energies and help others heal and move through old pain and trauma.  This power is in us all if we choose to activate it.

In order to be eligible to take Reiki II, you must show proof of completing Reiki I.

Contact Michelle GB at michelle@michellegb.com to book your Reiki Training.

Energy Exchange (in person):  $325

For two or more people – Energy Exchange: $297

If you would like to receive an attunement to learn Reiki yourself, please check out

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