Reiki Training

Reiki I

Do you feel like it’s time to step into your spiritual power? Would you like to learn the divine healing technique of Reiki?  If you are feeling called to go deeper in order to vibrate higher, this is your chance to connect to your spiritual self.

If you have felt connected to the energy of the universe and just know there is something above and beyond what our current world has presented to be true, this incredible healing technique will move you further into the energy realm.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are able to connect to universal energy, which flows the healing into you and into those you work on.  Reiki is such a wonderful way to bring calmness to your heart, reduce stress, improve emotional and spiritual well-being and it will provide you with a lifetime tool to help yourself and others.

The Reiki I training will include:

The history of Reiki

Meditation & grounding techniques

Hand positions for healing yourself and others

Energy systems & chakras

Receive an Attunement, which opens up your crown chakra and activates your healing abilities

Contact Michelle GB at michelle@michellegb.com to book your Reiki Training.

Energy Exchange – $275

For Two or More People: $225 

Reiki II

Once you have received your Reiki I and are ready to move forward with your abilities, Reiki II will strengthen your healing powers, increase your connection to the spiritual realm and deepen your intuition.

You will learn how to connect to the healing by using three powerful Reiki symbols. 

We will explore additional hand positions while working with clients and you will learn how to do Reiki from a distance.

In the past, it was suggested that people wait a year or two in between each Reiki level, but due to our planet needing all the healing possible, many of us are being called to move through the Reiki levels quicker so that we can pass on the healing to more people.  

We all have the ability to connect to our healing energies and help others heal and move through old pain and trauma.  This power is in us all if we choose to activate it.

In order to be eligible to take Reiki II, you must show proof of completing Reiki I.

Contact Michelle GB at michelle@michellegb.com to book your Reiki Training.

Energy Exchange (in person):  $325

For two or more people – Energy Exchange: $297

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