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Gold Disk Meditation

I learned of this meditation when I did Reiki I through JayaLeigh Connects in 2017 and I fell in love with it.  I have done it with many clients while they are standing and I use my hands to “unscrew the black knob”, “spin the disks” and then “flow the ribbon” up and down their body.  This meditation can be done as a quick visualization of PART 1 and PART 2 before heading out into the world.  I suggest doing it before a business meeting or when heading into a situation where stress and anxiety are possible.  Once you’ve done it a few times, it gets much easier and you will notice a sense of feeling “lighter” and “protected”.  As you get increasingly tuned into your own energy field, you will feel a shift once this meditation is complete.  With practice, you will also notice what people say or do does not penetrate your energy as it might have otherwise.



Visualize a thick black knob at your core (belly button) and stemming from the black knob are thick (1/2”) long screws that are in your body and spread out like an octopus’ legs flowing down your legs and through your upper body.

The screws represent all the negativity and emotions that don’t belong in your body.  The emotions that are no longer serving you.  The screws are like magnets that pull all of the “yucky emotions”/anxiety/stress/negativity right to it. 

Use your hand (or visualize your hand) unscrewing the knob (if someone is looking at the front of your body, it is being unscrewed counter clockwise). 

As you unscrew, you are focusing on the fact that the long screws are being pulled out of your body and pulling all the “yucky emotions”/anxiety/stress/negativity with them.

Keep unscrewing until your gut/intuition tells you that you’ve got it all (or at least a good chunk because you could be there for a while)

Once you have pulled the screws out, take the knob/screws and use your hand to actually throw them to the centre of the earth (fire of life) (or visualize).

There is a “Well of Life” (energy centre) and a “Fire of Life” at the centre of the earth.  You are sending this negativity to the Fire of Life to burn up what no longer serves you and your energy. 

If you feel like you need to repeat PART 1 again, feel free to do so.  The more you practice this exercise, the more you will tune into your own wisdom to know if you’ve cleared what needs to be cleared.


Imagine/visualize a beautiful gold disk (a bit bigger than a CD) spinning at your core (in front of your belly button).

Visualize or use your hand to spin it the opposite way that you were unscrewing the black knob.  If someone is looking at your body from in front of you, it is spinning clockwise.

Spin the disk fast about 20 times while seeing a beautiful shining ribbon of white light coming from your core which is holding the spinning gold disk.

Once you have this imagined or visualized, focus on the ribbon splitting into two parts so one is going down each leg. 

The shining white light ribbon flows down your legs, under your feet, then up your legs and then connects to the second gold disk which is spinning on your lower back. Directly opposite of the one in front of your core.

This second gold disk is also connected to another ribbon of light which connects into your lower back.

Flow the shining light ribbon up your back where it connects to the third gold disk which spins at your upper back.

The ribbon also connects into your back from the centre of the disk. 

Then flow the shining white light ribbon up over your head, down the sides, into your shoulders and down the arms right into your hands.

The ribbon also flows down your face and neck and connects to the fourth and final gold disk which spins at your chest. 

This disk is also connected to a shining white ribbon that connects into your chest.

The ribbon then flows from the final disk and connects to the first disk at your core.

Use your hands or visualize the connections taking place as you go through this meditation.  You want to focus your energy on the “knowing” that these disks and glowing ribbons of light are bringing protection and energy from the highest good. There is so much power in visualizing and believing this to be true.  When you can find the FEELING through imagination, your energy has no choice but to believe it. 

As you practice this meditation frequently, you will know when the ribbon connects from the fourth disk to the first one. It’s as if you feel it “click”. 

Possible sensations are: Feeling lighter, feeling a buzz, the feeling that your energy is protected and things people say/do won’t get to you as they normally would.

Do this meditation when you feel the need or before you leave the house or when you are going somewhere and feel anxious, nervous or stressed.

There is a quicker way to protect your energy if you don’t have the time do the Gold Disk Meditation and it’s the White Pyramid.

White Pyramid Drop:

A quick way to protect your energy is to visualize a glowing white Pyramid coming down over top of you and surrounding your entire body.  It’s an immediate visualization that you can do to give you comfort for going about your day.  Once you’ve done this a few times, you will recognize the feeling of, “yes, I’m good.” As you head out into the world. A feeling of “All is well.” becomes you.  You can also “put” the white pyramid on your car, house, pets, kids to bring some peace and energy protection to any situation.  The more you practice, the easier it gets. 

Thank you for spending your time reading post. I am so grateful to share this technique with you. 

Michelle GB 


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