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I had my third baby in June 2016.  I am the luckiest person in the world. My family is complete.  Breathing deep. Loving life.  Taking it all in.

Honestly, yes I’m thinking those things, but get me the “F” back into shape.  I gained a lot of weight three times.  I’ve lost the weight two times.  Ok, let’s go.  Let’s get back into shape.  I can do this again.

Oh wait, there are three kids to take care of.  Ok… not as much time for me.  Oh shit.

Go anyway. Get to the gym. You love the gym.  Remember, they have the kids club there.  They take care of the kids for you.  Yes. Ok, pack them into the van.  No problem.  Where is your sock? Where is your coat?  Where are you kid? Get out from behind the couch.  Where are my runners?  Did I eat enough to have energy to workout before packing us all up? Go go go.

Six months later and my body is screaming to slow down.

I’m on maternity leave so I should be able to do all these fun and amazing things we have planned in December.

Mexico trip for a wedding.  Kids turn five and three.  Funeral in Ottawa. Skiing in Mont Tremblant (kids).  Husband turns 40.  Fly to Winnipeg for Christmas.

We are lucky.  We have an amazing December.  BUT, I AM TIRED.  That is a lot of traveling with three young ones. One who is 6 months old to bout.

I start to notice my memory capacity has slowed right down.  Normally something I’m proud of.  Small details are falling.  I. AM. TIRED.  People mention it to me.  By the way, I am not someone who gets offended if people say I look tired or pregnant (when I’m not).  I usually laugh and take it as a message that maybe I need to make a change.

My friend was looking after my kid.  I was picking him up at 1:00pm.  Yes. That was the pick up time.

12:50pm. Knocking. Nothing.  Knocking again. Nothing. Text.  Nothing. Call.

“Hey, I’m out front.”


“Uhh, to get JJ.”

“You’re early.”

“I am?”

She feeds me an amazing Elixir Drink which feels so good.  Then we don’t talk about the pick up time again.  I get home and look at the calendar.  Pick up was actually 1:30pm.  I watch her kid until 1:30pm on Mondays and she watches mine until 1:30pm on Wednesdays.  Except, she thought she was watching mine until 3:00pm that day because of a text conversation we had earlier in the week about some traveling happening and everything got really confusing in my head and I think my brain is making connections, but something is not working. Something or some things are not connecting.

Ok, so the pick up thing is not a big deal. But a lot of those type of similar things not connecting and me forgetting and things dropping and… what is happening????  Ok, I know I haven’t been getting good sleeps and it’s probably mostly related to that, but when those kids go to bed, I want to stay up and have some alone time. No kids climbing on me, no crying, me time.

“Oh hello Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor, yes, my mom died and I had a kid and I have been working out non stop because <I need to lose weight> and I hear you hold a lot of emotion in your hip which has been bothering me for two months and I’m pretty sure I’m tired and please help.”

The Chiropractor will get her own post one day soon, but she tells me my body is screaming for rest (her words) and my nervous system is pretty whacked (my words changed from her words) and boy does she get me into some really cool grounded zone during our visit.

I buy some tangerine ginger tea. Very tasty by the way.  Then I talk to my friend while our kids are at gymnastics class (the one who was looking after my kid).

Meghan Ford. Thank you for listening and guiding me to this deliciousness.

It is made with a lot of good fats. Which is very good for the nervous system and brain. All of our bodily cells need good fats to keep things moving and connecting smoothly in the body.  Think of a car that needs oil. Well, our bodies need good fats which I am obviously lacking.

Also, the Ashwagandha is great for my mental and physical fatigue (not to be used for more than 6 months straight or do not use if pregnant or have high blood pressure) and if you use Chaga instead, you get a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

So here it is folks.  My friend says she’ll have this for breakfast and it keeps her going until lunch.  I’m a fan of having a big breakfast with oatmeal and eggs and fruit, but I’ll try it.

So I did.  And it did keep me going until lunch.  It was so cozy and yummy and filling and it kept me calm.  I’m not sure I’ll do it every day, but I think it will be a regular thing for me.

I hope you give it a try.

Eat More Veg, but don’t forget your good fats. Oh, and sleep. Sleep is a good thing.



Michelle GB




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