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Would you like to have some natural Women on steroids preventative “medicine” that goes undercover as real food in your refrigerator? If yes, try this very simple leafy green pesto.

You can put it on crackers, mix it in pastas, scrambled eggs with it, use it on pizza (like the picture) or just put a teaspoon of it in your mouth for the health of it.

It’s like an injection of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, great fats, and pure awesomeness.

This Easy Thin Crust Pesto Pizza Recipe is one of my favourites right now. Not only because it’s easy to make, but because my family loves it!

Easy Thin Crust Pesto Pizza Recipe


This pesto was inspired and slightly re-worked from thisFood52 recipe.

Eat more veg, make more leafy green pesto.


Disclaimer:   I am not a doctor and the word “medicine” does not represent any medical recommendation or advice.  It is used to represent a healthy natural food in a sarcastic manner.


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