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Last week, a friend and colleague of mine told me about this very simple thing to do for a cough.  I can’t believe I had never heard of it or tasted it before.  I apologize as I know this is all over the internet and I’m not giving it credit there.  Here, my friend gets the credit and I predict it will become my family’s favourite cough remedy for years to come.  Ok, I lied.  Here is a great article on Turmeric Milk.  A.K.A Golden Milk.   It’s four things and it’s delicious on a cold fall or winter day or when you feel a cough coming on.  Or perhaps you’ve been coughing for days and you’re sick of it.   It’s got that same cozy feeling that you experience when you’re reading your favourite book while cuddled up with a yummy “name of your best coffee shop here” cappuccino/tea/pumpkin spice latte/hot chocolate, but it also soothes your throat.

You can put some additional spices in it if you so desire.  The internet does show some recipes with cinnamon, cardamom, anise and/or ginger.  I will try them all this fall.

Because turmeric is fat-soluble, the fat in regular dairy helps your body soak up the turmeric more efficiently.  If you use almond milk like I did, you could try adding a bit of coconut oil to help the turmeric absorb better.  The dash of black pepper also helps with the absorption.  Check out the full benefits of turmeric here.

Enjoy this yummy, cozy, warm beverage and your throat will thank you.

Remember to EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily and don’t forget to BREATHE.

Michelle GB

P.S. This is not my photo.  I get my photos off Shutterstock or Big Stock Photo.  I WISH they were my photos, but unfortunately, my kids take precedence over me creating the best photo for everything I’m interested in sharing.  Maybe one day!  This photo is by MasterQ from Shutterstock. 

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