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I was just visiting my family in Winnipeg last week and my step mom is an excellent cook.  I always learn something from her while I’m there.  I was dealing with a family emergency so there wasn’t as much healthy eating as I would have liked.  I was stuck at the hospital as my mom had a major surgery.  She is doing ok, but has a long recovery ahead of her.

Near the end of my stay, I wanted a homemade salad like there was no tomorrow.  My step mom made this salad and it was so simple and so delicious.  The main reason it was so good was because of this dressing she bought from the local farmer’s market.  I didn’t see any company name on it so I assume it’s someone with a small table set up.

On the label it said “LOOKS GROSS, BUT TASTES GREAT DRESSING”.  If anyone knows who makes this dressing, please let me know so I can give them the proper props.    I won’t be giving exact amounts on this recipe, so please use it more for inspiration than precise measurements.  If you know how to put together a dressing, you will know to play with the amounts, depending on your taste buds.

Easy Green Salad with a Splash of Dill Recipe




This salad is so refreshing. Especially if you’ve had a rough eating week!

Until the next one…. EAT MORE VEG.


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