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If you are just beginning to exercise or want to start an exercise regime, this is the easiest thing you can do.  If you don’t like exercising, have never really been into it, but you know it’s time to start SOMETHING, this is for you.

If you’re still reading this post, and I’ve held your attention span longer than that first paragraph (if you want to even call it a paragraph), then you may be someone who just needs to “get off the couch” and workout.
The “workout” word could be intimidating.  Let’s call it “Beginner SWEATing” instead. A beginner sweat routine needs to be established.  Then you can move onto a more intimidating SWEAT routine that may or may not include a word like “workout”.

You can do this one anywhere.  Right beside your bed, while you watch TV, with your kids, at the park while your kids are playing, in your hotel room, at the grocery store (if you have a Type A personality and you have no shame).  The options are endless.  One time I went for a jog through a beautiful cemetery in Toronto and got inspired to do some push-ups and triceps dips. What was I going to use?  That tombstone looked like a perfect option. Hmm…
Most people can only handle one change at a time so start small and work your way up.
If you do the following Beginner SWEAT Plan for two weeks, you will notice a difference in your strength.

⦁ 20 squats
⦁ 5 – 10 pushups (from knees and eventually feet)
⦁ 5 – 10 ⦁ beginner burpees
⦁ 8 ⦁ triceps dips off a coffee table or bench
⦁ 15 – 30 second plank hold (from hands and then work toward doing it from elbows)
⦁ 10 – 20 jumping jacks
⦁ 10 – 20 ⦁ mountain climbers

Do the circuit TWICE a week. That’s it.
Once it gets easier (it will because you will have strengthened your muscles and they need to be challenged), do the circuit TWICE through each time you do it.  Or you could do it three or four times a week.
If you’re a little more than a Beginner SWEATer and feel motivated, why not add one or two 20 minute walks to the routine.
If you’ve decided that you need to increase your activity level, then give this a try.
You have nothing to lose, except maybe some weight and negative beliefs about yourself.
You will gain much more: energy, confidence, happiness, pride, muscle, strength, a will to live your life and try new things, more smiling, I could go on and on.  It will especially get you off the couch.  Even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not start this exercise program until you’ve consulted with your doctor and received permission to do so.

Remember to EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily (or start a couple times a week) and don’t forget to BREATHE.
Michelle GB

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