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Are you looking to incorporate more SWEATing into your life? More fitness into that busy schedule?   If you live in Toronto East, then you have to experience Balance Women’s Fitness.

The owners of BWF, Claire & Marvin Prashad just happen to own Dragonz Martial Arts just below.  Can you imagine dropping your kid off at their sporting activity and then being able to jump upstairs for a class?  Time for yourself.  So. Hard. To. Come. By.

Even if you don’t have a child in Martial Arts, the timing of the classes at this studio work really well with all schedules.  You can fit in a Circuit Training class at 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning, or a bit later if your schedule frees you up around 9am or 10am.  If you prefer to get your SWEAT on in the evening, classes range from a 4pm start all the way to an 8:15pm start.

They have a Stretch and Mobility class that is just, melt into the floor, reminder that I have a body, and oh, that feels so good kind of a scenario.  And, the 45 minutes just flies by.  Unless you are extremely stiff and it’s very painful (in a good way), in which case, I would highly recommend doing this class and the 45 minutes may take a little longer than flying by, but oh so worth it.  Your muscles will thank you.

The Circuit Training class – my favorite kind of workout. The kind where I don’t have to think.  You show up, and Kelly Masterson or Jessica Somerville will motivate you to get through the circuit.  Even though you may curse them, that is ok, it’s all part of releasing the SWEAT and the bent up energy you may have from an argument with your spouse or kid.  Did I write that?   Did I mention that SWEATing regularly is very good for mental health?  Exercising and releasing those endorphins can immediately improve your mood.

Weights and Bands is a cool class.  It’s a slower paced SWEAT that focuses on excellent technique using weights and bands.  Kelly Masterson takes you through each exercise and you have no choice, but to do it.  I mean, you could choose to just sit there, but then you would feel guilty, or not right about that, which is a yucky feeling. Avoid the yucky feeling and do the exercises. 😉  No seriously, this class gives your muscles a good work out and offers a different angle to resistance training.

This place has Zumba?  What?  Yes it does and the instructor, Christina Houtris, rocks it and do you ever SWEAT.   This was my second Zumba class ever and the first time I tried it was about 10 years ago.  I guess I was never initially hooked, but this time, Christina hooked me. I tell you, I will be back.  She makes it easy to pick up the Latin American based dance moves.  Although it’s not the same type of dance, I couldn’t help feeling like I was right back in my pre-teen years, hanging with my friends while performing awesome choreography to “I think were alone now” .   I know that memory is not just mine. 😉  I couldn’t help but smile the entire 45 minutes.

Balance Women’s Fitness also offers Yoga, Pilates, TRX and core conditioning.

Check out the schedule here.

Balance Women’s Fitness offers 10 class passes, a drop-in option or you can choose from a selection of monthly packages.  See pricing details here.

Claire is constantly staying connected with the members and providing updates on classes, instructors and events in a way that makes you feel like she’s family.  

Since BWF is a women only fitness studio, it offers a space to come and feel empowered.  Women are powerful beings and we have so much inner strength to deal with many aspects of life.  When we take care of ourselves and provide self-care, we can be our best selves, better partners, better parents, sisters, aunts and friends.

If you aren’t regularly exercising and need a place to start – I highly recommend trying BWF. Put yourself first and notice a shift in your energy and moods.   If you already exercise regularly, but need some variety, Balance Women’s Fitness has an amazing vibe for your blood, SWEAT and tears.  Minus the blood and tears!  The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, supportive and relaxed.  An intimate space where you come for you because it’s about you.

Remember to EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily and don’t forget to BREATHE.

Michelle GB

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  Please check with your physician before starting any fitness program.  

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