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I made this simple egg and avocado wrap recipe up this morning and man were they good.  I used these gluten free wraps I bought from The Healthy Butcher near Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto.

I threw out the package and now I can’t remember what they were called, but I do remember there were only 3 ingredients. I think it was organic corn, oil and sea salt.  Wow, three things I recognize.  What a concept!

This would make a great after workout meal to replenish the protein and complex carbohydrates in your body.

Simple Egg and Avocado Wrap Recipe

You’ll notice I have slices of oranges on the plate, but it’s just for decoration.  If you bloat easily or even if you want to prevent wreaking havoc in your intestines in the future, fruit is best eaten on its own and at least half an hour before a meal. It’s not good to mix fruit with meat because fruit digests very fast and meat doesn’t, so when you put the two together, they ferment in your gut, causing gas or bloating.  Just a little tip for you before you make the wraps.


So back to the wraps, here is the quick and easy recipe. Enjoy!


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