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My hubby was away for 9 days! He went skiing out west with a buddy and I missed him.  A lot.  Last Friday, his last night away, I decided to have a little date night with me, myself and I. My night was awesome, but logistically, it was a little different than I had imagined.

Earlier in the day, I had a meeting at a lawyer’s office to sign some papers. Don’t worry, I wasn’t defending myself in a lawsuit or anything, but Jesse and I bought a house and I had to sign some documents. Yes, very exciting, but I’ll save the story about the house for another post.


So at the lawyer’s office, my hands were SOOOO dry so I asked the receptionist if she had any lotion. She replied with a “Yes, but it’s perfumed.”  This should have been my first sign, but my annoyance with the dry hands far outweighed the worry of a little perfume, although I NEVER wear perfume because I find it WAY too strong and full of toxins. This should have been my second sign.  I used the lotion and found myself having to explain to the lawyer why I smelled so much like my grandma’s bathroom.  As I mentioned on my facebook page, the lawyer went on to say “Yes, I was wondering why you got all dolled up to sign papers…”. I was quite embarassed, but this was the least of my problems.

I arrived home and COULD NOT get the overwhelming smell of cheap perfume off my hands.  It was as if someone soaked my hands in a mini tub of that perfume that comes with “Perfume Pretty Barbie”.

I tried everything from soaking it in the cooking water from beets I had made earlier, rubbing a cut potato on my hands, a baking soda paste, lemon juice, mouth wash, the list goes on and on.  I didn’t even want to make any food because I was afraid to touch any vegetables, and that’s a first!  So as a part of my solo date night, I decided on sushi, two girlie movies and one of those mini bottles of wine.  P.S. Which are amazing if you are only planning on having 1 – 2 glasses and are alone.

I may have also bought a large bag of smart food popcorn.

So I get home, eat my sushi and put the movie on.  For those of you who are reading this for the nutritional info, I got one sweet potato and avocado roll (white rice), a salad and miso soup.  There wasn’t much protein except the tofu in the soup.  I try to avoid regular tofu at restaurants because it’s most likely not made from organic soy and you can bet that if it’s not organic, the soy was probably genetically modified.

I usually try to get my sushi with brown rice, so make sure you ask the server at your next sushi meal (some restaurants don’t offer it). It is much better for balancing your blood sugar and will keep you full longer. Brown rice is way more nutrient dense because during the process of making white rice, it loses the germ and inner husk (bran), where the nutrients reside.  What’s the sense in that?  For more info: white rice versus brown rice.

So, since the white rice from the sushi didn’t fill me up properly, I start making eye contact with one of my dates… the smart food popcorn.

But, how do you eat popcorn with smelly hands?  That’s right, I used chopstix.  I know. I’m so clever.  What a great way to eat popcorn if you are trying to cut back on snack foods containing unhealthy parts (the powder made from who knows what in this case).  What a great way to eat ANY snack food!  You will eat less, you will eat only one piece at a time, and you will tire out from all the back and forth bicep curls.

Mid-movie, I can’t take it anymore.  The smell from my hands I mean.  Oatmeal pops into my mind. Oatmeal, because it has soluble fiber and the wicked ability to soak up the crap in my intestines.  I’m already patting myself on the back before trying it.  I make the oatmeal and then add cold water to cool it down. Once it’s cool, I strain it so it’s thick again.  I stick the oatmeal, and my hands, into some dish gloves. I watch the rest of the movie, and start another one.

My bright idea, if it were to work, was for the oatmeal to soak up the crappy perfume from my hands.   After about an hour and a half, it became the best solution yet!  The smell from the lotion was barely there. Yes, thank you, thank you.

So, if the lesson for you here wasn’t to avoid cheap perfumed lotion, you now know a good way to get soluble fiber into your diet. Yes, oatmeal is a great breakfast and in addition to soaking up the crap in your intestines, it will also prolong your fullness providing energy a lot longer than something like cereal made from sugar and white flour.

Wow, this post about smelly hands is also somehow providing a lot of nutritional tips.  Happy snacking!

On the YES list:

– Brown rice
– Non GMO soy/tofu
– Oatmeal
– Chopstix for snack foods.

On the NO list:

– White rice
– Perfumed lotion
– Smart food popcorn (I can’t help it, this seems to be my achilles heel… see my post from thanksgiving weekend)


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