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Thank you for visiting the YDYH website.  If you are looking for my latest blog post, it’s best to check out the EAT MORE VEG movement site since much of my blogging time is spent there.

YDYH is the main business, but I really feel that what most of us lack the most of is vegetables. Vegetables are very healing to the body and increasing your intake can really reverse/improve the havoc processed food has been wreaking on our bodies all these years.

We’ve all heard a million times to EAT MORE VEG from our parents or elders, but I really feel that an attitude shift towards VEG needs to occur before we “get it’.  By “getting it”, I mean, focusing most meals around the VEG and not the protein and starch.  Yes, protein and complex carbs are EXTREMELY important in getting into the diet, but most of us eat too much protein (especially the meat kind) and starch (rice, potatoes, pasta).   I created this movement with that goal in mind.  I’m trying to make EATING MORE VEG cool, exciting and different and I want you to repeat “EAT MORE VEG” in your head (or out loud) until it sticks.  And by “sticks” I mean, EATING MORE VEG.

Please join the movement by subscribing to the site and feel free to send me your favorite VEG recipes.

Talk soon.


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