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So, I woke up Friday morning of this week, and I didn’t know what to take to work for lunch.  I had some extra brown rice leftover from a previous meal that had been made with an organic vegetable bouillon cube.




– a small glass container
– added about a cup of the brown rice
– an avocado
– an organic tomato
– a can of salmon hoping that this would turn into an appetizing lunch.

When lunch came around, I chopped up the avocado and tomato, put in half the can of salmon and mixed it with the rice and POOF! I had an amazing and tasty lunch, it was filling AND healthy!  There was no need for more dressing as the tomato and avocado created a perfect moistness to the rice and salmon.

Give it a try. It also makes you realize how easy it is to be healthy at work.

Tip: Every Sunday, make a significant amount of brown rice, quinoa or whole grain pasta that can last you and your family a week.  You can create many different meals using these as a base.

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