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I had the “100 day cough” last spring.  Apparently it’s also known as the Whooping cough/Pertussis.  The cure has something to do with”riding it out.”   It was pretty much “hell on wheels” given that it was during the second and third terms of pregnancy.  Every time I coughed, I peed my pants.   I guess it was more like “hell in my bed” because that’s where I was most of the time.

So, the rest of 2016 was good once the cough went away.   In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs represent grieving.  This made sense to me as my mom was passing away when the cough started.  It wasn’t until she actually passed that the cough started to fade.  There was relief in her passing because her body was no longer working.   I have had some tough luck with my lungs.  A “breathing problem” when I was young that we discovered was an allergy to smoke.  Many times I just couldn’t get a full breath and would have to keep trying.   My sisters would always say “What’s wrong with you?”  Later in life it was declared seasonal allergies.  I had pneumonia a few times and then this 100 day cough.

Roll forward to two days ago.  April 2017.  I wake up feeling like I’m right in the middle of the 100 day cough again.  I’m not pregnant, but I’m certainly having some small coughing fits that remind me very much of last year.   Something about pee – insert here.  Ugh.

Last year I was given the number of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with an amazing reputation.  I never connected with him because my cough had finally gone away.  I thought of him immediately this time around.   When I called him, we couldn’t find a time that worked for me to see him.  I told him about my experience last year and how it felt as if I had jumped right back into that coughing mode.  He was the coolest dude.  He told me over the phone to rub peppermint oil on my chest and to drink a thyme, peppermint and ginger tea for a few days. He said this tea will help most people with their coughs.  He didn’t give me exact amounts, but estimates.  I’ve been drinking three cups a day for two days and my cough is almost gone.  You can feel your chest open up and the coolness from the peppermint (in the tea and on chest) feels OH-SO-GOOD.

Please take the time to learn about essential oil safety before using them.

By the way, I am not a doctor.  Use this recipe at your own discretion.   In other news, here are 4 Ways To Cure The 100 Day Cough Holistically.  It mentions a Thyme Tea near the bottom!  So add the two other ingredients and hope for the best.


Good luck with your cough!

Michelle GB


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