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These muffins are very tasty and they also happen to be gluten free.  If that’s what you’re into, these are for you.  Mostly I aim to be wheat free, but when something gluten-free comes by or from my kitchen, I do a small happy dance.  It means it’s for sure wheat free and a guaranteed non-bloat situation after I chow down (and let’s be honest, less farts).

In this case, I ran out of my usual spelt flour so I used buckwheat flour instead.  This recipe is inspired by Caroline Marie Dupont’s Banana Bread from her Enlightened Eating cook book.  There’s not much else to say about these muffins except give them a whirl.  It won’t take much of your time to throw together and if you have kids, these are perfect after school snacks.  For example, my daughter jumps off the school bus and forgets to say hi because her hands are in my pockets while she says “Where is my snack? Where is my snack?”  Breathe girl breathe!

I eat a couple of these mini muffins as a mid morning/afternoon snack or for breakfast.  I’ve been known to pop three or four with two hard boiled eggs and some apple slices.  These are a great accessory for your countertop, but don’t get too used to them. They’ll be gone by the end of the day. In my house anyway.  Enjoy!


Michelle GB


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