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I bought 3 of Ani’s Raw Food Essentials recipe books so I could keep one and give two away as gifts for the holidays.

It will expand your horizons to see that you can make pancakes without eggs or flour and they actually taste like real pancakes.

Brazil Nut-Banana RAW Pancakes Recipe

While studying holistic nutrition, I didn’t think I would ever fully go raw.  I still don’t.  Having said that, it definitely is a healthy way to live because the food has not been changed/processed into a different molecular makeup.  Enzymes and nutrients are still intact and they provide us with the vitamins and minerals we need.  This is why salads and cut up vegetables should always be incorporated into your diet.

Remember, 5 – 10 servings of fruit and vegetables should be eaten daily with no more than 2 – 3 servings coming from fruit.  If they are raw, you are doing yourself a favour.  I must also mention that if you have major digestive issues/diseases such as chron’s or colitis, cooking your vegetables is a much better option because your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food, at least until you’ve healed your gut (If you want/need to heal your gut, call me for a nutritional consultation). To still incorporate raw vegetables with digestive problems, try smoothies and juicing.

As a side, to cook your vegetables, steaming or baking is the way to go.  Boiling is ok if you plan to make a soup because you will also consume the nutrients that have leaked into the water. Frying would be my least favorite, but if you decide to fry, use water, olive oil or coconut oil, or vegetable broth at low to medium heat.

So, try these raw pancakes and you’ll be surprised! This recipe is straight out of Ani’s book. You’ll see that I’ve separated the directions into “Ani’s way” and “Michelle’s way” because, well, I don’t have a dehydrator and have no idea what she’s talking about. 🙂 I will get one, eventually, because, I really want to make homemade crackers!  Whip up these pancakes right before you go to bed so you can enjoy them for breakfast when you wake up.



Enjoy.  They should keep in the fridge for at least 4 days.

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