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Throughout the last year, I’ve been sweating in all different ways.  Running – well more like slow jogging, interval training, spinning, Orange Theory, Dancing, Kickboxing.  I love variety for fitness.  It keeps things interesting.

I’m mostly addicted to the SWEAT.   My daily sweat (sometimes only  2 times a week depending on the rest of my life and tuning into what my body needs) keeps me mentally focused, less annoyed with the people around me, less stressed, happier, in shape and healthy.   Depending on my mood, I can easily talk myself out of working out, but I can easily talk myself into it if I know it won’t take long.   I like to “get ‘er done” and move on with my day.   If you have a 9Round near you, CHECK IT OUT.  You get to hit stuff.  Well, mostly just punching bags and the trainer’s punch mitts, but boy does it feel good.

If you’re pissed off, this place will help take away some of that pissed-ness.

If you have anxiety, this SWEAT will shake some of that off.

If you want to boost your energy levels, you will leave 9Round energized.

Benefits of 9Round:

  • It’s only 30 minutes
  • You don’t have to think, you just do each Round as it’s marked on the wall or what the trainer tells you
  • You have a trainer there to guide and motivate you
  • You can show up anytime during their open hours and jump into the workout (no class times)
  • It’s a different workout every day
  • You have a weekly CHOW (challenge at one of the stations/rounds)
  • Your core will become STRONG – a lot of ab exercises go down at this joint
  • You definitely SWEAT
  • A nutrition plan is included when you sign up
  • You can track your heart rate and see it up on a TV screen while you train
  • You can step up your game or take it easy if that’s what you need (either way you get a SWEAT)
  • A T-shirt that says “I EARNED THIS SHIRT” comes your way once you’ve reached 100 workouts
  • As a regular, you become very coordinated and tend to feel like “Rocky Balboa”
  • They play music that pumps you up
  • It’s only 30 minutes.  In and out.   Did I mention that already?  It’s my favorite part.

There is no contract. You pay month to month and can workout anytime.   The cost varies location to location so call or drop by your local 9Round to find out more information.

I’ve been going to the Toronto 9 Round in Leslieville (Queen and Carlaw Ave).  Chad, the owner is exactly the kind of fitness facility owner you would want (here he is).  He cares about his members.  He’s friendly and remembers things about your life so you feel a sense of belonging.   He’s passionate about the workouts and loves to provide tips and guidance.

So there are 9 Rounds you have to get through – in case that wasn’t obvious.   If Round 1 is empty when you arrive, you’ll start there, but if it isn’t, you may start on Round 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.   It all depends on how many members are there, which rounds are empty and where the trainer can keep an eye on you.

Round 1

Each round is 3 minutes long.  You could be doing the Ali Shuffle (video below) while punching the air for a whole three minutes.  That is when the SWEAT starts.  Yep, 3 minutes can seem like a long time, but then you hear that alarm buzzer sound, which means 30 SECONDS left.  You can get through 30 more seconds can’t you?  That’s right. Only 30 more seconds of this damn Shuffle.  Then you can move on with your exciting life.


What’s next?  30 second wall sit.  I neglected to mention there are 30 seconds of active rest (so not really resting) between each round.  Jumping Jacks, Planks, Crunches or anything else the trainers can think of that usually have me grunting and groaning.

Round 2

3 minutes of 10 squats and then 5 shoulder presses while holding a medicine ball with handles. Repeat.  Keep repeating. Awesome. But, guess what, it’s not just straight squats the whole time.  The fact that it’s two different exercises during the three minutes makes it somehow go faster.  Done. Onto the next 30 seconds of active rest.  Surprise me Chad.  Surprise me. Yes, plank jacks.  Well, those were fun.



Round 3

Round 3 is that annoying and challenging Double-End bag.  That thing has a mind of its own and I’ll be honest, I don’t like it.  I try to keep bouncing around while attempting to hit it every couple seconds.  Mostly missing.  It moves around so much.  How do the pros do it?  Seriously.  In this video the guy has it down Pat.  Obviously him and Pat have been going at it for a while now. It’s totally under wraps for him.  I know. My boxing jokes are brilliant.  Anyway, I haven’t been able to come close to feeling coordinated at this round, but nonetheless, I’m SWEATing.  Usually it’s something like 20 punches and one burpee.  Repeated for the three minutes. One burpee between each set of 20 punches?  Why are you making me get into the burpee mind frame for just one?  Anyway, good luck here.


Round 4

The heavy bag is calling my name.  2 jabs, 2 hooks, 2 undercuts, 2 roundhouse kicks.  I love it.  There’s something about this one that provides a feeling of “I’m in charge.”

I’ve had a side of lacking confidence throughout my life (common throughout the human race), but those hooks and roundhouse kicks make me feel like I’m on top of the world.  I can do this one for 3 minutes no problem and by the end of the round, my SWEAT is ESTABLISHED.


Round 5

The wrecking ball bag. It’s the big round bag.  Shin kicks here I come.  I love them.  4 Shin Kicks.  Throw a couple undercuts.  Maybe 10.  Repeat.  SWEATing! And I’m almost done Round 5.  I start to feel really proud of myself at this station.  A silent pat on my back is happening during these three minutes.   I got out the door, drove here, walked in, wrapped my wrists and now I’m owning it.  Shin kicks. Very empowering. Booya.


Moving on. Bla bla bla as my 5 year old daughter would say.  We do 30 seconds of plank here.   I can feel my abs forming into wonderment.  Whatever that means.  Here’s a picture of me doing said plank.



Round 6

Another heavy bag. Perhaps freestyle. Maybe I get to do front kicks, jabs, hooks.  This is usually the Round where the trainer comes in and you get to punch him- I mean the mitts.

Round 7

This is when I start to notice I’m out of breath.  More shin kicks. 5 squats.  Sometimes two reverse kicks where you can’t see the bag and your foot and leg are just guessing where it is and hoping for the best.  Repeat.  Screw you Round 7.  More SWEAT.

Round 8

The speed bag. I like this one because it’s kind of a rest.  Kind of.  Sometimes.  Well, if you’re like me and haven’t yet been able to master the speed punches.  1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.  I usually have to stop and reset the bag so it will actually be punched straight.  Hence it feeling like a rest.  To the members who have this one mastered.  You look good and very sexy.   I want that.  Does my “empoweredness” from Round 5 carry over to Round 8?  No Michelle, it doesn’t. Focus will you?

Round 9

Usually abs. Abs the whole three minutes.  Groan.  The only way I’m able to get through this one is because I know it’s the last Round (unless it isn’t because I started at Round 4, therefore I need to dig deep and find some other reason to get through it).    One time we had to do a plank on our elbows and somehow turn ourselves 180 degrees while staying in plank the whole time.  Tough.  Many a knees kissed the ground on that one I’m sure.  They did for me, but hey, I got my SWEAT on and it only took 30 minutes.

When you finish your 9Rounds, you can ring the bell to announce whether you had a good, great or killer workout.  One ring, two rings or three rings accordingly.  It tells the trainers how well they did.  I love the whole body workout this place offers you.  Many times I show up to 9Round thinking I’ll take it easy, but once I’m in it, the trainers push me a little more and the next thing you know I’m “kicking” and “punching” the SWEAT out.

Remember to EAT MORE VEG, SWEAT daily and don’t forget to BREATHE.

Michelle GB

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, but if anyone (related to health and wellness) wants to sponsor me, please let me know.   😉



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